The Pathfinder

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Saying that one is a pathfinder in the geographical sense requires quite a lot of knowledge of the area intended, therefore, I am making no such claim, my neighbours in the village would oppose that, and I would be the subject of quite a lot of ridicule at our otherwise jolly gatherings. Being from Scania in the southernmost part of Sweden, the forests of my childhood are a thousand kilometres away, and my wanderings in them are warm but distant memories.

No, I am a pathfinder of the heart and mind, and have always been. Here lies my true and perhaps only value. I have a sincere interest in my fellow humans, and the moments when I during a conversation see the faint glitter in the eye of my friend or acquaintance, and feel a rush in my breast, are the moments that make my life worth living. It is in the sense finding the path to fellow human’s minds and hearts, and to my own mind and heart, which is my true calling. Luckily, the path to others and the path to oneself coincide, because it is through fine-tuning your most valuable instruments, your heart and mind, you get to know the true nature of humanship, the human condition.


Coming from elsewhere, my family and I found our true home in the small village of Älvsund in northern Helsingia when we moved here three years ago. The village has only about 30 resident inhabitants and it is quite far between the houses and farms. The distances between the villagers are however not wide, and we have been most heartily welcomed by our neighbours, near and far.

For those of you who want to read more about the historical region of Helsingia i recommend the wikipedia page which gives a good summary.

In Älvsund my family and I have found the life we wanted. We live on a farm right on the border between the large forest and the open grassfields reaching down to the Längsterbo Lake. We keep horses and hens, and have kept ducks, sheep and pigs as well. We have three cats, and also a hunting dog, which is almost mandatory in this part of the country. I was rather swiftly informed, soon after I moved here, that in this village the men hunt. So nowadays, I hunt as well. It is however a not so well kept secret that I am no skilled hunter: I tend to drigt off into my own world of ideas sitting still by by the campfire, barbecuing sausages and drinking coffe from a thermos, and my hunting dog is imbarrasingly good at hunting squirrels, but not the hares she is intended to hunt.

What is valuable in the life I live now is the calm and harmony of the surrounfings, the warmth of the people, and the feeling of freedom the beautiful landscape inspires. After having been quite stressed and tired in my old life, I have also rediscovered the creative part of me while living here, something of which I am both happy and thankful for.

The Blog

This being the sister blog of my Swedish language blog, I have already experienced the great value of blogging, and sharing ones thoughts in the written medium. My fellow bloggers in the Swedish language in Finland and Sweden have been most generous in supplying valuable comments on my posts which have helped me in my continued thought processes. As is stated on the primary post, my aim is continuing on the path towards understanding humanship, and I hope you, my readers, followers, and fellow bloggers in the English language will find interest in my posts and participate in this peculiar but most important matter. Please do not be afraid of commenting or liking my posts, I am very thankful, and will answer you in a respectful manner even if you do not agree with me.

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