My name is Kristofer Schultz and I am the 37-year old husband of Sandra (35) and father of Eva Mona (7), Josef (4, soon to be 5) and Björn (1,5). I live in the small village of Älvsund in the historical region of Helsingia in the forested and sparsely populated northern part of Sweden.

I work weekdays as a Medical Doctor in Family Medicine, and spend the rest of my time working on the family farm, raising my family, wandering the forests around my home village, hunting, and working on my Land Rovers.

Since I was a child I have thought much about what life is all about, and the matter is still in my thoughts every day. How can one live a good life?

As of yet, I do not have a good answer to this question, and I probably never will have a full one, but i will not let that stop me from trying to understand more about the matter at hand.

My hypothesis is that one should strive to become a full human in order to live a good life, and therefore I have chosen to call my subject of study Humanship.

The concept of Humanship of course implies a vast area of study, and I am therefore hoping that you will be my travel companion in my endeavour into this territory. As a human, I can only truly know one of my kind, and that is myself. Therefore my blog posts will contain my thoughts and feelings, but you are welcome to share yours with me as well.